Using Mantras to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts

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Using Mantras to Change Your Life by Changing Your Thoughts
Shannon King, Charity Director

A real key to one’s happiness depends on the internal dialog. For many people, their thoughts often center on repeating negative conversations, worries, or negative self-talk. They get stuck in negative self-judgment by repeating these thoughts over and over with in their minds. Where your attention goes, energy flows. By shifting this internal dialog, we have the very real power to shift your consciousness, happiness, health, and abundance. We do this with the use of mantras.

A mantra is typically defined as a sacred utterance, affirmation, or meditative cue.  Mantras are said to increase in benefit through repetition and meditative reflection. By repeating a thought or idea, it gains suggestive strength and energy. It anchors us into the present moment. Mantras not only change what thoughts dominate our mind but studies show that they can reduce stress levels and change our brain chemistry, reprogramming our thoughts for happiness and success. Remember that our thoughts determine how we view our world and thus create our individual reality.

Mantras can be used to interrupt these negative thought patterns when they occur and can be used intentionally in a daily mantra practice.  When negative self-talk or worries begin to take life in your mind, use the mantras to interrupt them. Allow them to give you something positive to focus on instead. Try thinking “I’m going to love myself no matter what today”; “I deserve to be loved no matter what happens”; or “Nothing can stop me today – I can only stop myself.” I encourage you to come up with your own mantra that reflects what your heart needs to hear.

A mantra is should echo your deepest truths. When beginning a mantra practice you should plan on a daily practice of at least 21 days. It takes 21 days of repetition to solidify any new habit. As with all things the more attention you apply to your intention, the more dramatic the results. Through repetition, the mantra will take root within your heart and will repeat itself even when you are not formally in your time of practice.

If you have the time to set aside for a formal practice, create a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted for several minutes. You can dim the lights, light a candle, or use crystals if this helps you to relax and focus. Sit quietly and peacefully with your eyes closed and place your hands over your heart and begin to repeat your mantras.

If you don’t have this kind of time or quietness in your busy life, no worries. You can repeat your mantras when you are at your desk, sitting at a red light in your car, or during a walk. Even if you only repeat the mantra a few times that is a few worrisome thoughts replaced by ones that are uplifting.

There are many different mantras for different situations and you can write your own. Try repeating one or a few as many times as you have time for. Here are a few examples of different mantras.

  • I create happiness and healing.
  • I listen to my body when it tells me what it needs.
  • I enjoy perfect health by letting go of what doesn’t serve me.
  • My happiness overflows from me.
  • I am becoming the person I want to be.
  • I am loved.
  • I am confident in my decisions.
  • I can choose the people I allow into my life.
  • I release what no longer serves me.
  • I am whole, perfect, strong, loving, harmonious, and happy.
  • I stay connected to and guided by my inner source.
  • I am a magnet for joy, love, and abundance.
  • I have more than enough money.
  • Money flows to me easily.
  • I am a rich child of a loving universe.
  • I am willing, ready, and able to receive abundance.


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