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His Nesting Place in Long Beach, CA is a non-profit service for families in need. Whether you are a women of an unexpected pregnancy or someone who is homeless and needs the safety and security of God’s love, our arms are open to receive you into our worship community.​


Dr. Al Howard is a man walking after God’s heart, with a burning desire to see the church spend more time out on the street where suffering humanity is. He is a graduate of California Missionary Baptist Seminary and has been seasoned by 38 years in the ministry. He is the father of 15 children, one of which is adopted and he also has 17 grandchildren. On June 2, 2002, Pastor Al was awarded an honorary doctorate degree, Doctor of Humanities, from California Pacific School
of Theology.

In 1983 at a prayer seminar God spoke to Pastor Howard about abortion, “My instructions were to do something about it,” says Pastor Howard. Plans were then begun for a home for unwed mothers in Downey CA. Today that vision has become a reality. His Nesting Place is now located in a warm cozy complex of buildings in Long Beach, CA and has become one of the largest extended pregnancy care facilities in the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. His Nesting Place has the capacity to accommodate up to 40 women and children. Since 1983 His Nesting Place has housed over 4,000 women and children. It is one of the only homes of its kind that will accept a woman who already
has children.

In conjunction with the maternity home His Nesting Place operates a Crisis Pregnancy Center, located in Long Beach, CA. They offer free pregnancy tests, food, baby items, counseling and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ to needy women who come to them. Many women are led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through these centers.

Pastor Howard has been marked of God with a broken heart of compassion not just for the defenseless unborn babies, but also for the violent irrational acts of infanticide, euthanasia, suicide, sterilization and other methods of modern population control. He knows what it means to fight the good fight of faith, sued by the city of Downey CA for housing unwed mothers in his church. A well-known abortionist for punitive damages also sued him; because sidewalk counselors were turning away so many “customers” the abortionist was losing business. His church has been picketed by A.C.T. UP and Queer Nation, two of the most notorious gay rights activist groups. “There will always be a fight in any real work of God, it comes with the calling,” says Pastor Howard.

Pastor Howard is involved on every level of Pro-Life work. He has spoken in churches, schools, at seminars and on television and radio programs. He has a conviction about the value of life that has been tested and proven to be real. Pastor Howard, along with his wife Judy, continue today to develop and expand the vision of His Nesting Place, desiring to be more effective as a “Positive Alternative”
to abortion.

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