Medical Missions

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Medical Missions
Shannon King, Charity Director

The Ole Foundation is a strong supporter of global mission outreach.  Mission trips bring love, hope, and healing to the poor throughout the world.  They provide Christian services through sharing the Gospel, continuing Christ’s healing ministry, work projects, visiting the elderly and the handicapped, and engaging in fellowship with the locals.  It’s such an amazing feeling to see people being love in action!

Medical care to the poor is a very important part of the mission trip.  Medical professionals are always in need.  Do you have skills in the medical field?  I would like to ask you to consider attending a mission trip.  Not only will you get the opportunity to visit new locations around the world but provide much needed care to those who desperately need it while continuing Christ’s work of unconditional love, compassion, and healing.

Many of the world’s poor have little to no access to even basic health care.  Receiving medical attention may be extremely costly or not even available.  People who do make the journey, which may take days, are met with very long lines, deficient care, lack of supplies, or a lack of sanitation.

If you are interested in providing your medical skills please look up medical missions.  There are many many opportunities to serve on a global scale.  There is something somewhere for everyone with the heart to go.

By participating in a medical mission, you will play an important role in providing much needed services to an Impoverished country.  The services you can provide will not only save lives but give hope and unconditional love. To be of service and to know that you are being an instrument of God’s will and love to others is an amazing feeling.

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