Theresiennes of Budjala

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Theresiennes of Budjala
Ole Foundation is dedicated to sponsoring the academics and restoration of the schools and convent in Makanza, Democratic Republic of Congo. St. Therese and Bolingo Makanza schools and the convent for the Theresiennes of Budjala are over 100 years old. We are working towards restoration of the property starting with repairing the leaky roofs. Our vision for restoration includes building a library which will have books for all the children, a well and lavatory facilities.
We are helping the students’ education by providing their school supplies for the year. Supplies include chalk, paper, pencils, crayons, new sewing machines, embroidery supplies and other materials. Additionally, we are developing a program with the school to teach the students to make school bags. Our intention is to have a bag for every student at the school.
The convent was once a bustling and self-sufficient property, but has faded with time. We want to not only give, but also to teach useful skills so that this organization can become a self-sustaining community again. Our plans include reviving the garden and teaching husbandry care. The nuns and students will learn to nurture for crops and animals. This will provide food for meals and a means of income to support the school. We can make a difference by giving them the supplies and skills they need to build a strong foundation for their community.

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