Ways to Use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

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Ways to Use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Shannon King, Charity Director


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is a little everyday luxury that I can  no longer live without.  It is so amazing in so many ways.  In a recent blog, I discussed how this pink salt is packed full of nutritional goodness. Today, let’s talk about some of the many different ways that you can get this edible gem into your life and your body.



Cooking Surface

Another fun way to use this salt is while cooking.  Use it as a cooking surface or as a pretty serving plate.  You can purchase salt slabs on Amazon.  Be sure to read the care instructions before use.  A salt slab can be used on the grill, in the oven, or on the burner.  It is important to warm your salt block up very slowly to prevent cracking.  It adds a wonderful salt flavor to foods during cooking.  Salt is antimicrobial and antiseptic so clean up is simply dampening your block and gently brushing off any food residue.  Visit https://themeadow.com/pages/guide-to-himalayan-salt-blocks for more in-depth instruction on cooking on a Himalayan Salt slab.


Himalayan Salt Sole

Just one teaspoon of this powerful elixir is all you need each day to benefit from the detoxing and rejuvenating solution. Making this treatment requires only a glass jar (don’t use a metal lid as the salt will cause it to rust), water, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. When the Himalayan Salt dissolves in water, it results in a concentrated, electrically charged matrix of the 84 trace minerals in the salt. The ionic salt and trace minerals nourish each cell in your body.

How to make Salt Sole: 
⦁ Fill a glass jar about 1/4 of the way with Himalayan Salt (or Real Salt or Celtic Sea Salt), either ground or in chunks. Fill the rest of the way with filtered water. Add a plastic lid (not metal!), shake and    let sit overnight. You should always have some undissolved salt in the jar, this means the water is fully saturated. Add more salt if needed.
⦁ In the morning, take 1 tsp. of sole, mixed into some room temperature water, upon waking.
⦁ Keep refilling your jar with salt and water when it runs low. It lasts indefinitely.



Himalayan Salt Lamps

I love my salt lamp and it’s my go to gift for others.  They are an affordable and beautiful addition for any room and come in all different shapes and sizes.  Their soft, warm, glow adds an amazing calming ambiance as it purifies the air.  These lamps add their health benefits when the small bulb inside warms the salt rock.   Moisture in the air is attracted to the lamp’s surface and quickly evaporates.  During the evaporation process negative ions are produced and released into the air.  These negative ions seek out and neutralize to positively charged particles suspended in the air like pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and allergens.



Detox Baths

Adding pink seal salts transforms any bath time into a luxurious rejuvenating, detoxing, and relaxing at home spa experience.  The beautifully pink tinted salt water, rich with minerals, not only energetically cleanses the body by neutralizes the positive ions, but also draws out toxins and deep cleans the skin. For the occasional most powerful detox result, make a Himalayan salt “brine” for the bath: use 1-2 pounds of Himalayan salt dissolved in a warm bath. Your bath should not be hot but warm and limit your soak to 15-20 minutes. For a gentler detox and more economical option, add only 1-2 cups of Himalayan Salt (or Real Salt) to a warm bath.




Dry Detoxer

This principle works like the lamps and baths. You can use a lamp like the one shown or a couple of salt bricks which is much more affordable. The lamp will gently warm the salt. I personally have two salt blocks that I warm in the oven. The oven will radiate the heat evenly throughout the entire block while a microwave can heat unevenly leaving some spots hotter than others. I love to use my salts in this way when I’m not feeling well. Its calming, soothing, and I feel noticeably better afterwards. Slowly warm your salt to a comfortable temperature and rest with your hands or feet on the surface as the negative ions flow into your body and go to work pulling out toxins and impurities while neutralizing the positive ions that you’ve picked up during the day.
There are many more ways to use this amazing resource. It is carved into many things like plates, cups, candle holders and you can even build a room out of it! Have fun exploring this natural gem and now it can bring its natural benefits into your life for a better sense of well being.

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