Spring Planting

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Spring Planting
Shannon King, Charity Director

It’s Springtime in the United States. The days are growing longer as they continue to warm. If you keep a vegetable or flower garden you are probably getting your beds ready for planting. It’s time to do the same for our life.
When planning your garden, you will consider your harvest. What would you like to have at your harvest table? Perhaps you are thinking of a bountifully harvest of corn, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, grapes, pumpkins, and squash. The thoughts of your harvest are tangible and you can already taste the sweetness. You imagine a fragrant bouquet of flowers at your table. You can see the beautiful hummingbirds drinking at your flowers and hear the chirping of the other birds which fill your yard with love and joy. Are you imagining the same for your life?
Change in our life comes from growth the same as the harvest in our pantry. Now is the time to plant the seeds of change. If you tend to your garden you will reap the benefits of your tender care. Is it a newly painted house or a slimmer figure that you desire? Perhaps you would like a new job or to move to a new city. Just as a juicy tomato comes from planting a tomato seed you won’t see the manifestation of your desires in your life unless you first plant your seeds.
I love a good analogy and this one has been something that has helped me to plan that which I would like to manifest in my own life. Sometimes change can seem overwhelming so it’s best to start at the beginning. Start a journal for your life garden. Pick something that resonates with you and represents what you would like to create. You are a master creator, you just need to remember that you can and have faith in yourself. Create a list or perhaps a vision board of all the things that you would like to grow this year.
All manifestations begin with the desire. Think about it. Don’t think about yourself in your now state. SEE yourself in the harvest of it. Imagine every detail. The better the picture the better the manifestation. FEEL how that will make you feel. Don’t wait for it, FEEL it now! SAVOR the flavor of the life you want to achieve. Imagine it as if it was here now. Wallow in the deliciousness of it. BELIEVE it is already so. Most importantly, do this every time you think about it. Think about it in the most beautiful, colorful, fragrant, most rewarding way possible.
Now consider what you will need to make this grow. Just like plants need the right amount of sun and water, your life changes will require that which will make them thrive. A change in your financial situation should begin with a survey of your situation. Losing weight will begin with an honest assessment of what you currently eat and how active you are. Review your lifestyle and be honest with you about what is going on.
Plan your changes. Will you cut your spending, refinance your debt, or look for a new job? Do you need to drop unhealthy food from your diet or make some simple food swaps? Maybe you need to consult with a financial planner or a dietitian.
Follow your plan with action. Start to save or make that call to the cable company to cut back on unneeded packages. Find some friends to walk with or get a membership at your gym. How you will tend to your garden is up to you. Your plants will only grow with regular watering and weeding just as your life changes will only continue to come into being with dedication to your plan.
You are a master creator. You can do this. You are loved. You are strong. You are smart. You are dedicated. You are more than enough. You can create anything you put your mind and heart into. I believe in you. Happy planting and may your harvest be bountiful!

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