Saint Thérèse Institute High School and Bolingo Makanza Elementary School

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St. Thérèse Institute & Bolingo Makanza
Makanza, DR Congo

Ole Foundation sponsors two schools in Makanza, Democratic Republic of Congo. They are home to over 700 students at the elementary and high schools. The Ole Foundation provides the schools with the tools for educational success which include supplies and tuition grants each month to encourage academic success. To break the cycle of poverty and develop a form of economic sustainability, the Ole Foundation’s vocational initiative provides St. Therese Institute with new sewing machines, supplies, and materials for its seamstress classes.

The 100-year-old institutions are run by the Theresiennes of Budjala, which translates to – Sisters of Sainte Therese in Budjala Diocese. The Sisters fulfill their mission to spread the teachings of Christ by example. They devote themselves to teaching the youth, caring for the sick, poor, orphans and widows, and doing other apostolic work.

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