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AIM Outreach
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Frazeysburg is a small village nestled in the heart of Ohio founded in 1828 along the historic Erie Canal. Today, you can still drive down the original brick streets. Locals enjoy the evenings on their front porches offering a wave and a smile to everyone passing by. Although very warm and quaint, the village knows poverty all too well. Local resident, school teacher and part-time minister Jason Watson and his wife Anne noticed that the residents were in desperate need of help. The couple opened AIM Outreach, an independently operating branch of Last Call Outreach Ministries in Newark.

AIM Outreach is a community funded food pantry and village outreach. They provide food and offer community events for local families including a summer program for the kids. The food bank provides clothing, dry foods, produce, meats, toiletries and cleaning supplies for families in need.

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